Ties van de Ven

Software fundamentals, knowledge sharing

I'm a passionate Senior software engineer working for Alliander. After many hours of fixing bugs a passion grew inside me; I wanted to find a way to prevent these bugs from occurring in the first place. This passion set me on the path to learning more about software engineering fundamentals and about software engineering as a craft.

I also found that sharing knowledge is a fun and useful way to expand my knowledge and to make a bit of impact in the field. I try to share knowledge by giving presentations at my company, customers (I can also almost always be found coaching junior developers there) and conferences. I also love to give Trainings / workshops and write some blogs now and then. What I feel that sets me aside from most other trainers/coaches is that I try to avoid the technical details and focus more on concepts and looking at what problems we are trying to solve before going into possible solutions. I also started mentoring on codingcoach, a great platform where people can volunteer to be a mentor, and you can search for mentors as a mentee all for free.

Lastly, I try to be a bit of an advocate for Functional programming/software fundamentals. These topics are often misunderstood as being complex (mostly because most literature about it is aimed for people with an academic background). If you or your team are interested in these topics and would like these concepts explained in a clear, easy to understand matter, feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter (links below). I would love to help you out! (doesn't even have to cost money, knowledge on how to be better at our craft should be accessible for everyone).