Ties van de Ven

Software fundamentals, knowledge sharing


Ties is a Senior Software Engineer working for JDriven. He began his career mostly working on fixing bugs in a big monolithic application. This made him passionate about exploring concepts and ways to code to prevent bugs from ever occurring. He embraces this passion in his daily life by helping companies with architecture, programming, and training as a Sofware Consultant for JDriven.


Empowering Your Development with FP: Understanding and Practice

Functional Programming (FP) has become an increasingly popular programming paradigm, known for its ability to simplify code and increase efficiency. However, for many developers, the transition from traditional programming to FP can be challenging. This talk aims to bridge the gap by providing a comprehensive introduction to FP and demonstrating how it can empower your development. We will start by discussing the core concepts of FP, including immutability, pure functions and error handling. From there, we will dive into the practical applications of FP, highlighting its benefits and drawbacks. Whether you are new to FP or looking to deepen your understanding, this talk will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to empower your development and take your coding skills to the next level. By the end of this talk, you will have a strong understanding of FP and the confidence to incorporate it into your own projects. Join us and discover how FP can help you write cleaner, more efficient, and maintainable code.

Functional programming in Kotlin: exploring Arrow

Functional programming is gaining popularity and partly because of this people have been switching to Kotlin. Although it fits the paradigm better than Java, there is still quite a bit missing to unleash the full power of FP. Arrow is here to fill in the missing bits with things like new datatypes, e.g. Try, Either, and Optics. Arrow is the most popular functional programming library for Kotlin. In this talk we will go through what problems Arrow can solve for you and how it can help you with your everyday programming.

Java’s new paradigm

The new Java features like records, sealed classes and pattern matching have all been added to support the Data Oriënted Programming paradigm. But what is the idea behind it and what makes it different from the Object Oriënted style or the Functional Programming style? In this talk we will go into what Data Oriënted Programming is, what mindset you need for it and we will take a look at some Data Oriënted Programming patterns. So if you want to be ready to code modern Java and would like to add another tool to your toolbox, this is the talk is the right talk for you.